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Chanta was born in Melbourne, Australia on December 12th. From a very early age she displayed an interest in bondage; she would tie up her Barbie dolls with ribbon and string and when she was given toy handcuffs she would take them to school and use them on her unsuspecting friends! When Chanta was in her teens these same cuffs were confiscated from her at an international airport!

Modeling came easily to Chanta, she was not shy about her body and felt completely comfortable in front of the camera. She moved to London in 1998 and pursued a glamour-modeling career. She appeared as a Page 3 girl, hosted her own show on Granada Men & Motors, modeled for hundreds of websites and dozens of publications as well as having her own sex advice column in Galaxy Publication's Fiesta magazine!

But after a few years she started to get bored; modeling had started to become routine with most shoots seeming like all of the rest…Chanta craved something different and went searching for it in New York where she was tied up for the very first time! Admittedly this first shoot was a little too much and she passed out (LOL) but it sparked an interest in bondage like she had never had!


Chanta loved bondage modeling. To her, it was a huge adrenaline rush to see how much she could "take"; she would try anything from crazy suspensions to forced orgasms that left her screaming. Through being tied by so many people she learnt what was and wasn't comfortable for the bottom, where knots shouldn't be placed and how weight should be evenly distributed. It was the mistakes of other people that would provide an invaluable education for Chanta when she began rigging.

In 2002 Chanta moved from London to San Francisco. It wasn't long before she was regularly appearing as a Dominatrix on Whippedass.com and then began to direct (and do all of the ropework) for Wiredpussy.com.

Waterbondage.com and MenInPain.com soon followed and Chanta found herself tying up balls/breasts and all other body parts on an almost daily basis! Any shoots (shot) before April 11th 2005 on these 2 sites show Chanta's rigging. She is proficient in western, Japanese, suspension and any other style of bondage you can think of!

Chanta is now working on her book "Bondage for Sex" and is available for solo, couple and group classes.

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