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I don't want to do a solo class; can I bring someone with me?
Yes, by all means. Chanta prefers to teach couples or friends. This way the class can be more "hands on" and you'll have some to practice on! There is no additional charge for bringing someone to the class with you.

I would love to bring someone but don't know have a partner right now, can you provide one?
Yes, Chanta knows many local bondage models that would be available to help out but there would be an extra charge for this. These models are available for a student to practice on during class time and will not perform any sexual favors.

I don't have rope? Should I get some or will Chanta have some for me to use?
Chanta can tell you where to get rope but if you don't have any she can loan you some for the class (please let her know in advance). Of course this won't help when you get home and want to have bondage-sex! To start with just go to a hardware store and get 150-200ft of white nylon (braided or twisted, 1/4 inch diameter). Should you decide that you love bondage you can then make the investment in hemp.



I would love to attend a group class but do not live in San Francisco?
Chanta loves to travel! Feel free to contact your local kinky store or community play space about having Chanta come and teach a hands on workshop!

How long does it take to learn rope-bondage?
Well this really depends on how mush you would like to learn! If your goal is to just know a few different basic ties to use in sex play you may feel comfortable after just one 2 hour class! If you would like to learn suspension or advanced Japanese bondage it will take longer. For advanced bondage it really depends on how naturally you take to it and how much you practice! Chanta is self-taught but she was also tying people up on a daily basis!

Where are private classes held?
For beginner and sex-bondage classes, lessons can be taught at the students home or play space. For more advanced classes that require weight bearing suspension points Chanta prefers the SFCitadel in the Soma district of San Francisco.

Is Chanta available to dominate me?
Sorry, Chanta is not a Pro-Domme and is therefore not available to dominate you. If you would like to see her domination style it is all over Whippedass.com!



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